Spectra of Sums of Networks

What happens with the spectrum of the Laplacian if we add some graphs or simplicial complexes? (I owe this question to An Huang). Here is an example, where we sum a circular graph G=C4 and a star graph H=S4. The Laplace spectrum of G is {4,2,2,0}, the spectrum of H is {5,1,1,1,0}. The spectrum of G+H is {9, 9, 9, … ….

Arithmetic with networks

The join operation on graphs produces a monoid on which one can ask whether there exists an analogue of the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. The join operation mirrors the corresponding join operation in the continuum. It leaves spheres invariant. We prove the existence of infinitely many primes in each dimension and also establish Euclid’s lemma, the existence of prime factorizations. An important open question is whether there is a fundamental theorem of arithmetic for graphs.

Partial differential equations on graphs

During the summer and fall of 2016, Annie Rak did some URAF (a program formerly called HCRP) on partial differential equations on graphs. It led to a senior thesis in the applied mathematics department. Here is a project page and here [PDF] were some notes from the summer. The research of Annie mostly dealt with advection models on directed graphs … ….

Unimodularity theorem slides

Here are some slides about the paper. By the way, an appendix of the paper contains all the code for experimenting with the structures. To copy paste the code, one has to wait for the ArXiv version, where the LaTeX source is always included. Here is the unimodularity theorem again in a nutshell: Given a finite abstract simplicial complex G, … ….

Euler and Fredholm

The following picture illustrates the Euler and Fredholm theme in the special case of the prime graphs introduced in the Counting and Cohomology paper. The story there only dealt with the Euler characteristic, an additive valuation (in the sense of Klain and Rota). Since then, the work on the Fredholm characteristic has made more progress and is now understood. The … ….

Quantum calculus talk of 2013

Just uploaded a larger version of my 2013 Pecha-Kucha talk “If Archimedes knew functions…”. The Pecha-Kucha format of presenting 20 slides with 20 seconds time each is fantastic to keep talks concise and to the point. The video has been produced by Diane Andonica from the Bok Center for teaching and learning. The event had been organized by Curt Mc … ….